Behind the scenes of our brand new Encore TV ad

Behind the scenes of our brand new Encore TV ad
30th January 2015

When I was asked to film a cast of cats for the forthcoming Encore TV commercial, I was under no illusions how tricky this project was going to be. I wanted to film cats reacting in many different ways with the element of surprise. All very natural and certainly not enhanced or manipulated in any way at all.

After asking many questions of various cat owners and lovers, they all raised their eyebrows and smiled politely as if to say ʻgood luck with that.ʼ The pressure was most definitely ON!

Kate our production manager put together a spread sheet of various cat volunteers and a shoot schedule that kept us busy for a six day shoot. I decided that it was better to visit our furry friends in their natural surroundings, so we filmed our cast in their own homes.

We had cats of all shapes and sizes. Some friendly, some not! When we started filming our first cat, the camera was positioned and we all sat and waited patiently. Nothing! George, the Burmese wouldn’t come out from under the kitchen units. So we packed up and travel to our next candidate. We soon learned that patience is all important when working with cats. We found a formula to shoot each cat by talking to their owners first and finding out whether they had a favourite toy, chair they sat on or position in the house that they liked to hang out in. Once we armed ourselves with this information then we would quietly set up the camera in a very simple lighting set up.

Then we would commence with filming…a long wait then ensued before they decided to play ball and give us a few seconds of action! Not withstanding the fact that every cat we met was very charming and loved the attention, the crew survived the whole experience and now have a new found respect for our feline friends.