Why your pets deserve Encore – the pet food with more real meat.

Why your pets deserve Encore – the pet food with more real meat.
30th January 2015

Encore was the idea of passionate and concerned cat and dog owners like you. Struggling to find high quality, natural pet food in UK grocery retail, we approached Sainsbury’s with the concept of a cat food that contained the cuts of meat normally reserved for human food – real meat such as chicken breast and fish fillets like tuna, anchovies, salmon and sardine.

The team at Sainsbury’s endorsed the idea and Encore was born. It’s hard to believe that was 6 years ago, but since 2008 Encore has continued to bring new and exciting food to cats (and later dogs) throughout the UK with our recipes now available in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco, Ocado and Asda. We have also said ‘ciao’ to Italy, where Encore is available in Esselunga.

Each tin, pouch or pot of Encore is 100% natural goodness, packed with up to 75% real meat with no additives, colourings or sweeteners. We insist on only the finest quality ingredients and never ever use hard-to-digest fillers, harmful additives or lowgrade animal derivatives.

In 2010 we brought the same unwavering desire for natural nutrition to dry food and created Encore complete dry food. Containing between 75 – 80% animal proteins it was the first GRAIN FREE dry food available in grocery. Lower in carbohydrate with free run chicken, they also contain a prebiotic or active probiotic to ensure your cat or dog is as healthy on the inside as they look on the outside.

Encore offers complementary and complete food for cats and dogs which can be fed as part of a balanced diet. A diet that reflects their natural needs as an animal that requires high quality meat sources to survive, to thrive and to stay healthy.