Charity is close to Our hearts

Charity is close to Our hearts
26th February 2016

It was great to hear that the Manchester Dogs Home has reopened its doors again to dogs in need.  Like the many charities in the UK dedicated to the wellbeing of dogs and cats, the team in Manchester does amazing work to support animals in desperate need of help.


But this fab news also got us thinking…just how many charities and rehoming centres are there in the UK and what’s the bigger picture?


It’s estimated that in UK alone there are over 16 million cats and dogs.  Regrettably approximately 250,000 find themselves in rescue centres each year.  What makes this a staggering figure is that there are only 5,000 rehoming centres across the UK offering specialist support to cats and dogs.


So how does this compare to other countries?  Well the US have over 6 million cats and dogs* entering shelters each year and the statistics for mainland Europe are even higher. It’s estimated by the European Union that there are over 100million abandoned cats and dogs across Europe.


Proportionately it feels like we “Brits” have big hearts and at here at Encore we try whenever we can to offer our support by donating food to help centres because we acknowledge that providing good nutrition can be one of biggest expenses for a re-homing centre.


Throughout February we have been highlighting our “share the love” campaign.  We have 65,000 meals of Encore 100% natural dog food that we would like to donate to charities across the UK.  We’re simply looking nominations – all you have to do is visit our facebook page and leave us a comment on the “share the love” post.