Benefits of a high protein diet for cats

At Encore, we understand that choosing a high protein cat food can be difficult with so many brands to chose from. Read on to find out more about how to pick the best high protein cat food that your cat will love.

More Real Meat..

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that they need real meat in their diets to really thrive and be as healthy as possible – a diet that is truly full of protein. At Encore, we understand that choosing a high protein cat food can seem like a minefield with so many brands on the shelf. Read on to find out more about how to pick the high protein cat food that will benefit your cat most.

Why high protein cat food?

It is a scientific fact that cats can digest an enormous amount of protein compared to humans. If your cat was living in the wild (instead of your warm and comfortable home) their diet would almost entirely consist of raw meat and high-protein substances. Give your cat the real meat they crave with our Encore high protein cat food range – made with up to 75% real meat –  you’ll satisfy their natural hunting instincts and hunger in one.

Still asking ‘why high protein cat food?’ Another health benefit of a high protein diet is it can actually reduce your cat’s risk of developing diabetes. Cats are not able to digest large amounts of carbohydrates, which creates more glucose in their systems. This leads to the production of insulin being disrupted and increases the chance of your cat developing diabetes. Give your cat the best high protein food from Encore, with unique recipes including shredded chicken breast and oily fish fillets to keep them healthy for longer. Encore healthy wet cat food is also naturally rich in Taurine, an amino acids essential for proper function of the heart and for eye health.

Best high protein dry cat food

Encore high protein dry cat food is made up of 80% meat and 20% vegetables and natural extracts, making it a great source of omega 6 – it also contains salmon oil, and is rich in omega 3. This sets our dry cat food apart from most dry cat food on the market, as other brands tend to rely on carbohydrates and plant-based fillers to make up for the lack of protein. Everything that goes into making Encore is of the highest quality and ethical standards.

Give your cat the best, and feed them Encore cat food. We are passionate about creating pet food with more real meat, which is essential for tissue growth and repair, along with regulating metabolism. For more information or to shop now click HERE.

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